Friday, April 10, 2009

What is Musicality?

Musicality, to me, means feeling, interpreting, and expressing yourself in your dance.

Why is this important?

I spent years learning move after move, but I never really felt good or looked good on the dance floor. Finally, I figured out that the good dancers (leaders) look good because they feel the music, hit the breaks, let the follower do her thing at just the right time, etc. Sure, good dancers will still have really flash, fast, complicated turn patterns that they will use, but the point is that they don't rely on them to make them look good. It's just a bit of extra wow factor.

An Example of Great Musicality, Choreographed

This clip shows the Tropical Gem troupe doing some great stuff. Listen to the music, and watch how they hit the high points, and pause on the breaks.

An Example of Great Musicality, Unchoreographed

And here is Jhonny Vazquez just doing his thing on the social dancefloor. Sure, he can spin better than anyone else on earth, but watch how he really feels the music, and matches what he does to the music. This isn't a big song, so his moves are not big. When there are musical breaks, he breaks.


  1. Looks like he is using pac-pression as many of your moves as possible whilst ignoring your partner- shows dont care confidence which works on people with low self esteem

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