Thursday, April 9, 2009

How do different types of music affect you?

A great guy by the name of Alfonso Rios showed me this...

Listen to these three different types of music? Close your eyes and focus on feeling the music. Which part of your body do you feel it the most?

Type 1: Piano solo

Type 2: Orchestra/symphony/harmony

Type 3: Bad-ass percussion

Once you have tried these out for yourself, compare your results to mine. I figure that for elegant solo piano, my brain gets excited and I am try to work the patterns out in my head. For orchestral music, I feel this more in my heart... it is emotional music. For drumming, I feel this more in my stomach... it is a really primative sort of feeling. What are your thoughts? The same as mine, or different?

So... to relate this to musicality, when dancing to the percussion, it should be earthy and meaningful. When dancing to the melody, it can be more interpretive and styled. Just match how you dance to what you feel in the music :)


  1. I would agree with you. I have seen performances by students taking African dance, and the movements compliment the percussion very well. To mix this with smooth turns in salsa would be fun to learn.

  2. Hi! Yes, African percussion is intoxicating... you just can't help but move to it! Have you had a look at Rumba (of the afro-cuban kind... not the latin america/ballroom kind)... a lot of Salsa performances now incorporate at least some afro-cuban Rumba, which looks great!